May 10, 2007

Ideas for Restaurant Email Marketing

Here’s a nice case study for all you restaurant owners from Bennigans.

Interesting bits:

"they took a risk on their profit margins and pitched two entrees for
the price of one in a four-day-only offer. They also mentioned
appetizers and desserts in the copy"

"Although Bennigan’s higher-ups were skittish about the margins in
giving away a meal for every paid one, their fears were definitely
quelled by the sheer volume of customers and cross-menu activity.
Overall sales were up 12%. More particularly, beverage sales increased
12.7%, appetizers 7% and desserts 10.8%. In fact, some restaurants ran
out of certain menu items."

And I don’t remember how I ever stumbled upon these guys, but Aaron Allen & Associates has a nice email newsletter with lots of tips for restaurants. I’ve never wanted to own a restaurant, but I’m subscribed to their newsletter, and find it fascinating. They cover stuff like how to price your pasta dishes, cost segregation analysis, designing your restaurant, and how to find good restaurant accounting software. Here’s a link to some of their past issues.