Jun 3, 2008

iContact hearts MailChimp?

Looks like iContact really loves the improvements we made in MailChimp v3.

After we launched, one of our customers searched for "MailChimp" in Google, and saw this ad from iContact (right column):


I can only guess that someone at iContact took one look at our new features list, and said, "Wow. Someone finally got it right! Let’s run an ad to congratulate MailChimp! "

Thanks, guys! We think we got it right, too. But you got our URL wrong. You accidentally pointed it to your own home page, not ours. I’m sure it’s just a goof up by your SEM agency. Sometimes managing all those keywords can get really confusing.

Still though, it’s nice to be recognized by our industry peers as being the right choice.

We heart you too, guys!