Aug 8, 2005

HTML Objects NOT Supported by AOL

Straight from the AOL Postmaster’s HTML Email support page, here’s a list of HTML objects that are NOT supported by the AOL client. If you’re coding HTML email, make sure your code doesn’t have any of these items in it, or it just won’t work in AOL:

  • ActiveX (sometimes used to detect the Flash plugin)
  • Audio (no cheesy background music, please)
  • External Style Sheets (embed your CSS instead, and do it within the content, not the HEAD)
  • Frames and IFrames (make sure no banner ads in your HTML email are using these)
  • Java (Probably won’t work in browsers either, for that matter—joking)
  • Meta Refresh
  • Scripts: JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, etc.
  • Tooltips (ALT tags for images and TITLE tags for links worked fine in AOL9)
  • Video