Jun 27, 2007

HTML Email Mistake: Image-based unsubscribe link

We’ve already talked about some of the dangers of image-based HTML email (See: Common HTML email design mistakes).

I’ll say it again, though. All-image HTML emails look like spam, so they trigger spam filters. Even worse, most of them display with the images turned off by default, so your recipients don’t always see your message (which is why you should always test your campaigns before you send them).

All this time, I’ve neglected to mention that it’s a bad idea to make your unsubscribe link an image. Kinda thought that was common sense.

Well here’s an article from Ken Magill at DIRECT magazine about a woman who reported a marketer to the New York attorney general’s office, because her email program never displayed the unsubscribe image:


It even suggests that you might be breaking CAN-SPAM law if you send email marketing with an image as your unsub link.

One tip the provide is to also include the full URL of your unsubscribe link, just in case your clickable hyperlink doesn’t work.

MailChimp users: the built-in templates we provide for your campaigns already have a text-based, one-click unsubscribe link embedded. If you want to display the full path for the unsubscribe URL, insert it with this tag: *|UNSUB|*