Aug 30, 2006

How Travelocity’s CEO Stays In Touch

You probably send email newsletters out to all your customers, but what about "internal" newsletters, such as for your employees? Here are some tips from Travelocity’s CEO on staying in touch and "being available" for your team.

"In addition, Peluso sends weekly e-mail newsletters to her entire staff that show how well the company is delivering against their guarantee to customers. She also uses the newsletters as a platform to single out and praise employees who reflect the company’s core values."

"Internal" emails can be really useful. We’ve seen some examples on MailChimp, such as:

  • Letters from the president
  • Company updates to franchise owners (like big PR announcements and upcoming sales promotions)
  • Non-profit fund raising goals and event updates to volunteers

Here are some quick tips from the best ones we’ve seen:

  • Keep ’em personal and simple. 1st person good. 3rd person bad.
  • Highlight employees or volunteers. Make ’em feel special. Add photos.
  • If you want them to keep opening your emails, find a way to make each issue fun.