Jan 18, 2010

How To Guide: Merge Tags


MailChimp offers all kinds of merge tags that allow you to dynamically add information to your campaign, so you can include something like a subscriber’s name, your Twitter profile, or even build an entire campaign with content from other sources.

We put together a manual for using merge tags so you don’t have to scratch your head when you look at our cheat sheet. The cheat sheet is a great reference, but it’s helpful to see what the merge tags look like when you put them in your template and how they’ll look to your subscribers when they receive your email. That’s what this guide is for.

We omitted RSS-to-Email merge tags and dynamic content (IF statements) from this guide because we think they’re unique enough to merit their own guides. Those guides will be done soon, and I’ll post them to the blog when they’re ready.

Here’s what’s inside the guide:

  • Merge Tags for Formatting Custom List Information
  • Merge Tags for Campaign Information
  • Merge Tags for List Information
  • Merge Tags for Social Sharing
  • Merge Tags for Video Sharing
  • Merge Tags for Email Translation

Download the guide here.

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