Nov 30, 2009

How to Create an Email Marketing Plan

Update (8/19/15): What a difference 6 years makes! While the guide described below no longer exists, our Resources page includes plenty of great "getting started" materials. Our Knowledge Base and Skillshare classes also include tons of information for new users.

So, you’ve decided to do some email marketing. That’s great! Email is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools for generating interest and sales for your business. It provides a wonderful opportunity for your company to speak to an audience who is actually listening (they’ve opted-in to receive emails from you, essentially saying, please send me information!).

But, how do you create email communications that succeed?

One thing you can do before you even choose your first template is sit down and write out your Email Marketing Plan. Just like any endeavor (such as your general marketing plan, or your business plan) outlining your purpose, your audience and your general Plan of Action will save you mucho time later on. You can begin your email marketing efforts with a clear idea of what you’d like to accomplish and how you are going to accomplish it.

Plus, your email subscribers will know exactly what they are going to get from you and what they aren’t. If you know your email marketing plan from the begining you can easily tell your subscribers what they are signing up for (i.e. "Sign up to receive industry news and updates," or "Sign up to get the latest offers and product reviews"). This is a great thing because people don’t like to get emails that they aren’t expecting. If I sign up thinking I’m going to get industry news and instead I get ads for your latest products, I’m probably not going to be too happy about it.

Sound like a good idea? Awesome. To help you outline your plan, we’ve created a short and painless How-To Guide for Creating An Email Marketing Plan. Go ahead and download the guide to get started. Don’t worry, I promise it is easy and won’t take a lot of time.

Here’s what’s Inside the guide:

Step 1: Defining Your Readers
Step 2: Determining Your Purpose
Tips on Creating & Gathering Content
Step 3: Outline Your Goals
Step 4: Determine Your Email Frequency
Step 5: Create a Timeline
Wrapping Up

Download the How-To Guide here.

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