Dec 20, 2010

How the Content Recovery System Works

Let’s say it’s a good morning: you’ve got your coffee, you’re (mildly?) productive, and you have your email campaign looking good, full of content, and just about ready to go. That’s not too shabby. What if you change your mind? You don’t want to use the new Start From Scratch "Gallery" template, you want to use the Fancy "2:1:3 with Left Sidebar" template. Up until now, you’d have to either copy your previously entered content or type it all back in once you’ve switched templates to ensure that nothing was lost. It’s kind of annoying, and no one likes doing more work than they have to.

With the Content Recovery System, you don’t have to worry about copying-and-pasting or retyping all of your content when you switch between templates.

It’s especially handy when you switch between templates whose structures differ greatly. Here’s how it all works:

Your content is saved when you hit the save button in the campaign text editor screen.
Saving your content
This happens on a per-campaign basis, which means you won’t see content from previous campaigns up for grabs. If you typed it and saved it at an earlier point in your current campaign’s creation, however, it will be available to for you use.

If you had content in your sidebar in one template:
basic template with right sidebar

And switched to a template without a sidebar:
basic two-column template

You’d be able to place that orphaned content in another content area of your new template:
the content recovery system selection window

There’s a caveat that I should stress: the Content Recovery System isn’t saving your every revision. It’s just catching your orphaned content, so make sure that you’re still taking precautions with the content you’re editing: we can’t restore content you’ve overwritten.

You don’t have to fiddle with external documents to copy from. You don’t have to remember and retype your previous content (for those of you that wing it). You don’t have to switch to a new template, then switch back to retrieve lost content, then switch back again to your new template to replace that content.

That saves you time (and stress), which totally frees you up to use it in other ways. That definitely makes for a good morning.