May 23, 2013

How Closing Will Affect Your List

It appears began closing accounts on a trial basis on April 16, and that all accounts will be closed by May 30. The move is final, but they’re giving customers a chance to migrate to Unfortunately, the change isn’t automatic.

What does this mean for your list?

You may have seen addresses bouncing already, but they all will after May 30. We recommend removing all addresses before then to avoid running the risk of getting your account shut down for a high bounce rate. It’s also possible that some accounts will become spam traps in the future, which is another reason to remove those addresses from your list.

In the meantime, you can send a targeted campaign to your subscribers to make sure they know about the change. They’ll need to re-subscribe to your list with another email address if they want to keep receiving your emails. Here are a few articles that will help:

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