Nov 11, 2010

How Naked Pizza Uses Chimpadeedoo

Naked Pizza makes all-natural pizza—it’s so healthy that they post the nutritional info right on their website. Delicious, inexpensive and an average of 107 calories per slice? That’s pizza I can feel good about eating.


I’m hungry. Anyway, social media plays a huge role in Naked Pizza’s business plan. They have an awesome blog called LivNaked and almost 10,000 Twitter followers—they even put up a billboard outside one of their stores to tell people they’re on Twitter.


And they use MailChimp. Naked Pizza’s email newsletters feature coupons, announcements, nutritional info and links to the LivNaked blog. They recently started using MailChimp’s Chimpadeedoo app to gather signups at the counter. Here it is in action at their New Orleans store:


Their iPad wallpapers make the experience even more fun for their customers. I checked in with Naked Pizza’s interactive strategist Ron Domingue to see how Chimpadeedoo is working for them.

How did you collect email addresses before Chimpadeedoo?

Through our website and our POS system. The Chimpadeedoo app has helped immensely during our soft and grand opening. Our Miami Grand Opening harvested 500+ emails in two weeks. Unfortunately it’s more difficult to track now because I pull them all into one master list. The iPads have helped in general regarding dwell time as people wait.

How have your customers reacted to the newsletter sign-up kiosk?

Enthusiastically—it’s a hit and will only get better. We’ve actually been experimenting with a counter with slots configured specifically for the iPad.


How did you secure your iPad to the counter?

A combination of custom carpentry, good advice from Apple (thank you, Steve) and the brilliance of NakedPizza’s own Ron Domingue and Vincent Vumbaco. We use a device that adheres to the back of the iPad made by company called Se-kure. The Apple store uses a similar model. It is a small white cable tethered to the USB cable and plugged into an alarm. Once either side is detached an alarm is signaled.

How has Chimpadeedoo affected your email signup process? Have you had many more signups because of it?

Yes, we’ve had more signups. This process meets people in the way they want to engage with us. We’re highly sensitive to our customers’ preferences regarding information and interaction—this way, they drive.

What features would you like to see added to Chimpadeedoo?

I would like the ability to add more fields other than just email address. I currently have groups created for different cities and would like to be able to have the option for customers to select the appropriate city. And flying cars!

We’ll get on that. We heard you’re expanding nationwide. What’s next?

That’s plenty for now, but additionally we’re establishing an international base in Dubai. We also have a few complementary products planned, but if we told you, we’d have to….

What else are you using the iPad for in your store, when you’re not running Chimpadeedoo?

Online ordering and access to our digitally based publishing platform. We’re all about content.

A pizza company that’s all about content—we like the way they think. Thanks to Ron and the rest of the Naked Pizza staff for making us look good.

If your company is using Chimpadeedoo, let us know in the comments. (And we’d love links to images of Chimpadeedoo in action.)