Apr 26, 2012

Share Your MailChimp Campaigns From Your HootSuite Dashboard

You probably already know that MailChimp is chock full of social features that help you connect with and learn about your audience. But we certainly don’t consider ourselves a social media management app, and we definitely don’t think our customers want to have MailChimp always-on, always tweeting from it. There are better tools for that, like HootSuite. In fact, nearly 4 million people use HootSuite to manage their social media. Why not make it easy for them to share their MailChimp campaigns with HootSuite as well?

Thanks to HootSuite’s new Engagement API, we’ve launched a MailChimp add-on for HootSuite. The integration allows users to view and search for campaigns, share campaigns to any of their social networks, view campaign results, and more—all from within their HootSuite account. Here’s how it works:
Add a MailChimp stream to your HootSuite dashboard by clicking Apps in the Add Stream menu and selecting the MailChimp App.

Next, click Connect to MailChimp to authenticate HootSuite’s connection to your MailChimp account.

HootSuite will pull in your MailChimp campaigns, along with some basic stats about them.

From here, you can share a campaign with your audience on any of the social networks you’ve set up in HootSuite.

The link to your campaign will be shortened with HootSuite’s link shortener, ow.ly, instead of our link shortener, eepurl. The ow.ly link shortener allows HootSuite to track how the campaigns are shared across your social networks. Now you can see stats on your email campaigns’ social reach in context with the rest of your social-media metrics, from within HootSuite.

Want to see a little more info on the campaigns in your MailChimp stream? Click the name of the campaign, and you’ll get more detailed campaign stats.

This integration is a perfect fit for our greater philosophy on social features. We love to see people integrating their MailChimp accounts with social networks, but we don’t want to help anyone "blast" campaigns across every social network they can get their hands on. We’d rather help our customers share campaigns across social networks they already use, in a way that’s natural for them. If you use HootSuite and MailChimp, then this integration might help you have meaningful conversations with your audience and make your life a little easier.

You can add the integration to your HootSuite account from HootSuite’s App Directory.