Jul 13, 2009

Hidden Content Merge Tag

thm_mergeWhenever you send a MailChimp campaign, we automatically create and host an online archive of it (btw, have you seen the archive toolbar?).

Problem is, there are pieces of your email campaigns that you probably don’t want to show on a public archive. Like "Dear <<FNAME>>" or an Unsubscribe link, or maybe even an expiring promo code.

There’s a new merge tag we just launched that lets you hide certain content in your email campaigns whenever displayed as an online archive…

When you’re creating a campaign, and you know you want certain pieces to be hidden on your archive, code it like this:

Dear * | FNAME | *,
* | END:IF | *

Blah blah content blah

Unsubscribe * | EMAIL | * from the list: * | UNSUB | *
* | END:IF | *

You can actually hide your entire footer from the campaign archive if you wanted to. That way, all the legal CAN-SPAM stuff is in the email, but your archive can stay nice and neat.

But it works the other way around, too.

You can make stuff invisible inside an email campaign, but show up on your campaign archive:

Welcome! Like what you see here? Visit us at http://www.example.com for more of the same!
* | END:IF | *

* Note: I’ve added extra spaces in all my code examples above, so I don’t trigger the merge rendering when we send this blog post out as an rss-to-email campaign

Be sure to check out our Merge Tag Cheatsheet to see all the awesome stuff you can do with our merge tags (it’s totally bookmark-worthy).