Dec 16, 2011

Happy Holidays, Mike Chapman Style

What?! Mike Chapman, co-creator of Homestar Runner, made a MailChimp Customer Story?? Seriously?!

But… How did this happen??? Read on…

I don’t know how many of you know of Homestar Runner. Well if you don’t, go check it out now. It’s awesomesauce, trust me. Anyway, a couple weeks ago the inimitable Mike Chapman of the Brothers Chapman who are behind that insane cartoony treat came around the office. Next thing you know we were kneeing each other in the groin to see who could come up with a better voice for a Christmas Elf. It’s just what us video guys do. Don’t ask.

After three rounds in the MMA cage (we keep one in a corner here in VideoLab) Mike Chapman (he demands I use his full name EVERY time) had definitely proven himself the superior elf voice talent and bare knuckle brawler. Unfortunately we had a bet going that the winner of the cage fight gets to make anything they want to humiliate the loser any way they want, and we’ll post it on the MailChimp blog for all to see. And loser has to write a certain statement in the blog post. Ouch.

So yeah, I lost. But I’m a sporting man of my word, so here goes:

I’m Josh, and I make those artsy fartsy Customer Stories of those neat MailChimp customers doing neat things. But Mike Chapman is my superior, and Mike Chapman would approach them in a different way. A better way. The best way.

So there Mike Chapman, co-creator of Homestar Runner! Ya happy now?! Mike Chapman thinks people enjoy the funny! Wutever GOSH! We’ll see about that. I guess you all just have to go judge for yourself. I gotta go practice my choke hold. Enjoy, I guess. <sniff>