May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mandrill

Update (3/16/16): Mandrill is now an add-on for paid monthly MailChimp accounts, and is no longer available as a standalone service. Existing Mandrill users have until April 27, 2016 to merge their Mandrill account with a MailChimp account. See this article for additional details, including pricing information and instructions for merging your accounts.



One year ago today, MailChimp’s Lead Engineer went rogue and formed a little startup inside our company called Mandrill. In one short year, Mandrill has grown to over 55,000 active users. That’s 100X the total number of users they had in May 2012. Since launching, the amount of email they’re sending every month has grown 100X, and revenue has grown 200X. We’ve begun the process of tightly integrating Mandrill data into MailChimp, and Mandrill is innovating like–well, like a bunch of rogue MailChimp engineers. Every week it seems they’re launching new features, dropping prices to infuriatingly disruptive levels, adding servers in more continents, and shaving milliseconds off delivery times.

We considered getting a congratulatory cake for the Mandrill team today, but I’ve learned that if it’s anything "offline" it’s not real to them. Instead, we put together this little comic strip: Purfickt Bahnana

Mandrill’s still got a way to go before it matches MailChimp’s 3 million users and 5 billion emails per month level, but something tells me they’ve got some tricks up their sleeve to make their graphs turn all exponential on me. I’m told Chad, the man who is out to destroy MailChimp from within (there, I said it) will be posting a one year retrospective on the Mandrill blog soon. That’s a good blog to follow if you’d like to learn more about transactional email, or destroying MailChimp from within. Happy Birthday, Mandrill!