Mar 9, 2016

Grow Your List with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier

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For growing companies, reaching potential customers can be tough. Blog and social media posts can help with traffic and SEO, but they often aren’t enough, and there isn’t always room in the budget to launch an ad campaign. That’s where Facebook’s ad features come in. For years, Facebook has helped empower businesses of all shapes and sizes by providing an affordable means of advertising to a highly-targeted audience. Whether your goal is to encourage more folks to sign up for your mailing list, to drive traffic to your website, or even to boost sales and increase your revenue, Facebook ads can help you get the job done. And now, they’ve made it even easier.

Taking the lead

Facebook lead ads help businesses connect with potential customers by making it easy to sign up for offers, newsletters, or quotes directly from any device. When someone clicks on your lead ad, the contact information they’ve already shared with Facebook is automatically populated into a form. Then, in one convenient step, they’ll be able to quickly review their contact info, make any desired edits, and pass it along to you. Best of all, no more unfriendly mobile forms or websites.

Create a form to begin setting up your Facebook lead ad. Make sure to align the fields with those on your MailChimp list so you can collect the information that’s most beneficial to your business. Next, log in to Zapier (or sign up for a new account if you don’t have one), connect your Facebook account, and determine which Page and Form (in this case, lead ad) to use in the Zap. Once the setup is complete, you can perform a quick trial run by signing up through the form with a sample entry. Just like that, you’re all set. Your subscribers will be automatically Zapped from your Facebook lead ad to your MailChimp list.

Ready to get started? Our Knowledge Base article will quickly show you how to set up the connection so you can start growing your list. New to Zapier? Click the image below to set up an account: 

New - Facebook Lead Ads MailChimp Zap

But wait, there’s more…

Last month, Nate wrote a great blog post highlighting one of Zapier’s latest updates, Multi-Step Zaps. Multi-Step Zaps are a more powerful version of the classic 1-to-1 Zap integrations, and they open the door for some exciting new use cases and workflow opportunities. For example, you could take your lead ad Zap a step further by adding the subscriber to your CRM with a MailChimp to Salesforce Zap. Or, you could even trigger a Zap to send a notification to your phone when you get a new lead with a MailChimp to SMS Zap. The combinations are endless!