May 4, 2006

Graphic design tips for do-it-yourselfers

BamagazineIf you run your own company, you probably do a lot of stuff all by yourself. You built your own little website, setup an email newsletter, and you probably do your own printed brochures, holiday cards and ads, too.

Being a "do-it-yourselfer" is one thing. But if you’re a "design-it-yourselfer" like most MailChimp customers, you want your stuff to look damn good.

I just noticed that iStockPhoto is selling quick, useful, how-to design guides in their store.

They’re PDF files with all kinds of handy advice for designing brochures, newsletters, logos, presentations, and websites. They show you how to layout your files, pick the right colors, imagery, and fonts. And they’re only 300 pennies each. I just downloaded "peek-a-boo brochures" and it’s worth every penny.