Aug 18, 2011

Google +1 Merge Tag For Your Email Campaigns

One of the merge tag upgrades we’ve made in MailChimp v6.2 is the ability to include Google’s +1 button in your email campaigns.

google plus one button in email

All you need to do is add the following merge tag in the body of your text at the location where you want the button to show up:


google plus one merge tag syntax

By default, the merge tag will link to the campaign archive version of your email and use your subject line as the title. You have some additional options for customizing how it works though.


The optional variable $url= specifies the URL shared. If not specified, links to your campaign archive.

*|GOOGLE:PLUSONE[$title=title of my post]|*

The optional variable $title=title of my post specifies the title of the page being shared. If not specified, uses the subject line of your campaign.

And to enable +1 sharing for individual items in your RSS-to-email campaigns, just use: