Feb 8, 2006

Google Blacklists BMW for Using Doorway Pages

Most small business owners have at some point considered hiring cheap search engine marketing firms to "boost their rankings." It’s tempting, I know. They guarantee "top placement with all 5,000 search engines!" Are there really that many SE’s? I know of two: Google and Google. Anyways, our advice is to focus your time and money on making a better, more relevant, website—not on "tricking" the search engines. If you build a good website, the search engines will come.

BMW.de recently got into trouble with Google’s webspam team for building doorway pages that redirect people to their website. Why on earth a globally recognized brand name (who already owns bmw.com) would feel the need to manipulate search engines, I have no idea. But it’s a great case study of why you probably shouldn’t build a website that 1) Uses so much Flash/Graphics/Technology that 2) you feel the need to depend on doorway pages.

Read the article on BBC