Jul 14, 2009

Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

thm-wp-pluginWe’ve been busy. In addition to all the new MailChimp v4.2 features we just launched, we’ve also been working with the folks at Crowdfavorite to build an awesome new (and totally free!) Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

In a nutshell, it uses the power of Google Analytics to tell bloggers what kind of an effect they’re having on overall website traffic. We’ve made it super easy to tell if your blog posts (and email campaigns) are driving traffic to your website — it’s all embedded right in your WordPress Dashboard!

You don’t have to be a MailChimp customer to use or benefit from this plugin. But if you do happen to have a MailChimp account, we’ll mash in your MailChimp campaign stats too, giving you a bird’s eye view of the cause and effect of all your hard work.

It’s so cool that words don’t do it any justice. You need to watch this video, then download the free plugin now:

UPDATE (07/21/09): Check out this little tip on segmenting your GA blog traffic reports from our own Stephen Martin