May 5, 2010

Google Analytics Application Gallery

Yesterday Google launched a new Analytics Application Gallery to help users more easily find and understand their website visitors. Right now there are 32 tools in the gallery spread amongst 12 different categories, including data collection, mobile tools and email marketing. Developers can even submit their own applications, so the available offerings are sure to grow in coming months.

MailChimp is pleased to have our Analytics360 add-on featured in the gallery. It is a completely free add-on that combines your Google Analytics stats with your MailChimp email reports, so you can instantly see: ROI for the campaign (if eCommerce tracking is enabled), conversion rate, revenue generated, page views as a result of the campaign, bounce rate for site visits, and goals completed.

The integration works seamlessly in two ways. The first is by enabling campaign stats to be accessed directly in your Google Analytics reports so that you can see how much site traffic a specific email campaign is driving. Secondly, MailChimp can pull the relevant data from Google Analytics and insert it back into your campaign reports inside of the MailChimp application, allowing you to see specific campaign results and ROI in a single report.

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