Apr 21, 2009

Google Analytics API Integration with MailChimp

analytics-screenshot2For the last few months, Google has been working on an API for Analytics (woo-hoo!) and MailChimp was fortunate enough to be invited to work with it in private beta. We’ve installed it for a handful of our customers’ accounts to test everything. It’s absolutely brilliant.

It’s basically a direct connection into your Google Analytics account, and it allows you to setup email marketing tracking for multiple websites. This dramatically improves the accuracy of the Analytics360 plugin tracking that is currently available in MailChimp, and we’re very excited about this. It will be available for free to all MailChimp accounts when we launch v4.1.1 in the next couple weeks. If you’re an eRetailer that uses Google Analytics, be sure to check this out, along with MailChimp’s other amazing reports.