Feb 4, 2011

Golden Monkeys for Android

Golden MonkeyA while ago we released Golden Monkeys for iPhone, an app that helps you keep up with your mailing list VIPs. It’s taken us a little while to get an Android version together since we had to learn how to create Android apps.

Android SDK is quite different from our specialty here at the Mobile Lab, iOS SDK, but there are some really nifty things one can do with it and we’re now feeling more comfortable using it. Anywho, we got our feet wet by releasing ChimpNews for Android (iOS version here), which was a good way to explore Google’s Push Notifications service. Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) requires Android 2.2, which is reasonably well adopted at this point. So we rolled up our sleeves and built Golden Monkeys for Android, which is available now.

Stay tuned. We’re working on more apps for both Android and iOS.