Jun 5, 2013

How Gmail’s New Inbox Actions Work with MailChimp

If you keep close tabs on your Gmail inbox, you may’ve seen a new option appear with some MailChimp confirmation emails over the last couple days. At this year’s Google I/O, the Gmail team unveiled a cool new feature that presents users with an actionable button without having to open certain emails. Gmail’s new Inbox Actions allow new subscribers to MailChimp lists the ability to confirm their subscriptions right from their Gmail dashboard. Additionally, if you’re just getting started and setting up a new MailChimp account, you can also confirm and activate your new account in the same way.


As this feature is rolled out to all Gmail inboxes over the coming weeks, you should start to see a new "Activate Your Account" or "Confirm Subscription" button accompanying the email in your Gmail inbox. We’re including all of the necessary information behind the scenes automatically, so there aren’t any additional steps you’ll need to take to activate the feature. So now, when a new subscriber signs up, maybe even through the Twitter Lead Generation Card, confirmation is a breeze. The only thing the subscriber has to do is click the "Confirm Subscription" button, and they’re all set.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 8.34.30 AM

The technical details behind this feature are pretty straightforward. Gmail uses a schema to tell the Inbox Action button what to do and how to present the information. The thing that’s got us really excited is that these schemas are based on open standards. This means that potentially any other email client could adopt the same technology, and we could eventually see these Inbox Actions across multiple platforms.

If you’re not currently seeing this feature in your Gmail account, hang tight! They’re slowly rolling out an updated Gmail to all of their users (including Google Apps accounts). For more information on Gmail schemas and Inbox Actions, check out the official Gmail blog.