Aug 27, 2009

Gmail users more engaged than Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL?

email-logosWe recently analyzed the stats for over 184 million emails sent from MailChimp and put together a report analyzing the engagement of recipients by email provider (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol, and comcast). We wanted to know if certain subscribers (such as hotmail users) could be expected to respond any differently than, saaaay, gmail users. 

Here’s a summary of what we found:

Domain Open Rate Click Rate Soft Bounce Rate Hard Bounce Rate Abuse Complaint Rate Unsub Rate Sent 24.54% 4.17% 0.08% 1.09% 0.19% 0.35% 54,791,998 20.09% 4.25% 1.48% 2.92% 0.32% 0.51% 28,750,743 30.94% 7.41% 0.13% 0.28% N/A 0.50% 28,997,678 23.79% 4.49% 0.31% 0.80% 0.24% 0.43% 63,465,012

Some things we found interesting:

Gmail subscribers seem to be a bit more engaged than the other subscribers. Could be some demographic kinda thing.

Also interesting to see that the number of emails sent to gmail has surpassed AOL. Interesting to me, since AOL has had a head start over gmail, yet Google has caught up in just a few years. Keep in mind this is just emails sent. I have no idea what the "number of subscribers" are at those domains (nor does TechCrunch, but this article is still somewhat interesting).

Oh, and the reason there are no abuse complaint numbers for gmail is not because those wonderful recipients never complain. It’s because we currently have no way of measuring complaints, as gmail has no feedback loop.

In terms of emails sent, yahoo and hotmail are both still significantly higher than gmail and aol.

For all you stats-freaks w/calculators, I’m leaving out a row of data from (which represented 8,673,998 emails sent). Frankly, it was so out of line with the others, we’re going to look into that one in more detail. The data set we analyzed was "all emails ever sent from our servers" but excluding campaigns sent to lists smaller than 2,500 recipients.

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