Nov 26, 2013

Getting Permission Before Increasing Holiday Volume

Every year around the holidays, you probably start to notice more emails from the companies you love. You might even be planning a few extra holiday emails yourself. But not every subscriber on your list wants to see all those emails, and loyalty is more important than frequency. So how do you get your holiday messages in front of just the people who want to see them?

The quickest and easiest way to know what your subscribers want is to ask them. You can have subscribers sign up specifically for your holiday mailings, and let them know what you’ll be sending and how often. That way you’ll know that every person on your holiday list is eager and willing to get more messages from you in their inbox over the next few weeks. By not surprising your customers with increased frequency, you might reduce your unsubscribe rate and spam complaints, too.

The way you execute this will depend on your email marketing plan for the holidays. If you’re simply increasing volume during the holidays, you can send an email inviting existing subscribers to opt in to a new interest group. If you’re publishing a unique, one-off email series for the holidays, then you might want to create a new list entirely.

Here are a few of our customers putting this idea to work:

In 2012, MZ Wallace invited their customers to sign up for a special advent mailing. By inviting people to sign up, they were able to send an additional newsletter daily, for 25 days, without alienating or annoying anyone on their main list.

Each year, the folks at Sweet Paul put together a list of craft projects and recipes just for the holidays. On their website, they give visitors a look at last year’s projects so they decide whether or not they’re interested. They can sign up for the holiday mailings, their regular opt-in list, or both.

Food52 not only offers their subscribers a way to opt in to holiday emails, but they also create content exclusively for that group of subscribers.

Each of these companies is demonstrating how much they value their subscribers’ time and attention. They’re able to reduce irrelevancy for the people who don’t want to see increased volume during this time of year, and send a little something extra for those that do. During the busy holidays, these added moments can mean a lot.