Oct 1, 2010

Getting More Out of List Stats

If you’ve been using MailChimp for a little while, you’ve probably noticed this handy little "List Growth" graph in your account that shows how your lists are growing over time. At first glance, this chart shows you stats across your entire account, but if you’d like some insight into a particular list, you can select any list from the drop down menu to get a more specific view.

For example, we’re running a t-shirt promotion to celebrate our v5.3 release. We’ve set up a list for the promotion, and it’s fun to watch it grow.


But the fun doesn’t have to end there. If you open the list, then select "top locations," you can view where your subscribers are from:

Or, select "user agents" to see which email programs they are using:

(While we were building out http://shirts.mailchimp.com, some of us were wondering if we needed to make that t-shirt giveaway page mobile friendly. These stats gave us a big yes!)


With Social Pro activated on the list, we can get even more interesting stats. Aside from all the cool social insights, we’re able to see that we might need more women’s shirts soon, or possibly shirts in different sizes:

Since this is a giveaway, there’s always concern that the list will be full of freeloaders who aren’t really all that interested in our company.  You know the type — Punk-ass teenagers.

SocialPro shows us age, breakdowns, too:


So if we want to, we can segment the list by age and remove anyone who is probably not a professional email marketer. Then again, depending on the promotion, those fashion-conscious, trend setting, picky teenagers might just be the ones to send a bunch of t-shirts to… But we still want ’em off our lawn.

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