Oct 16, 2009

Gearing up for Halloween at MailChimp

I vaaant to send your EEEmail

I vaaant to send your EEEmail! MailChimp Halloween poster

We’ve got some cool stuff planned around this Halloween (in addition to the cool vampire-chimp poster to the right).

A little while back, we launched our new HTML Email Template Language. This makes it super easy for web designers to code their own emails, then load them into MailChimp as built-in templates for their clients.

To showcase how cool this is, we commissioned some well-known artists and designers to create some spooky Halloween email templates for all our customers. Their work has appeared in WIRED and Paste magazines, BoingBoing, SXSW, Threadless, and even a Nintendo game.

Here are a few examples of what’s coming sometime next week…

Free Halloween Email Templates Are coming

Travis Pitts:

"I’m a struggling freelance illustrator, junk sculptor and apocalypse aficionado into robots, monsters, zombies, astronauts, pin-ups, scooters and an addiction to 80’s nostalgia." (check out his other work here)


Mark Weaver:

Mark does amazing work with retro-photography, fonts, and character illustrations. Check out his other work here, or buy some of his work on Etsy.


Shawn Smith:

From his website: "Shawn Smith is the creative force behind Shawnimals, and started the company before he even knew it by watching cartoons, drawing pictures and playing video games as a kid." We’ve showcased some of Shawn’s emails and imaginative illustrations on this blog too.


Greg Abbott:

"I specialise in character and T-Shirt design. I’m currently particularly interested in working with posters, album art and toy design." Here’s more of Greg’s work on flickr (love this scratchy monkey).


Natalya Kungurtseva

Natalya is an artist friend of ours from Kazakhstan who likes to dabble in painting and interior design.


More to come!

This is just a tiny sampling of what’s to come. The new Template Language really opens up a lot of opportunities for us, and for designers in general. There are a bunch more templates also being created right now by our internal DesignLab team, plus we’ve got a fun Halloween promotion we’re launching next week. So stay tuned!

Can’t wait for next week, and want to create your own Halloween template? Here’s a handy guide to all your template options in MailChimp.