Apr 11, 2005

Funny MailChimp Survey Results

A little while ago, we posted a survey to get an understanding of what our
users really wanted out of MailChimp. The feedback, ideas, and
testimonials we got were extremely helpful for getting MailChimp V2 live.

Just to highlight how creative our users are, we’re posting some of the more humorous comments we received…

  • "I love how simple MailChimp is. Other sites I visited made my head hurt and were so "business speak" I wanted to puke." We might list this on our Features page: "Won’t make you puke, like the competition." Imagine the monkey graphic for that one! We’re glad someone out there hates the business mumbo jumbo as much as we do.
  • Someone suggested we add "An online newspaper and one of those tea making machines with an alarm clock that brews tea for you when you wake up." Hmm, we’ll definitely put that on the list of possible enhancements for v2.1. Coffee though, not tea.  :-)
  • "I like orange" was one reason someone chose to use MailChimp. To think, we almost went with HEX VALUE #0000FF!

We also asked, "What would you change about MailChimp?" and got some of these gems:

  • Less talk, more monkey
  • More monkeys
  • Please keep it simple and usable! (The chimp can stay too.)
  • More monkey stuff

Okay, okay the monkey stays. We even made him 7.3% larger than the monkey in V1.

And as promised, we randomly selected a winner of our ginormous MailChimp coffee mug. It’s Kevin, over at Pivot+Levy. Thanks for taking the survey Kevin, and when you get the mug, be sure to strut around the office and really rub it in to your coworkers that your mug’s bigger than theirs.

The winner of the GourmetStation.com dinner is Stephen from Olive Media. You’ll be receiving a gift certificate shortly, Stephen. We suggest you invite a loved one over for dinner, but hide the boxes and act like you cooked it all yourself. Not that we’ve done that, or anything (but trust me, they’ll never know).

Anyways, thank you all for your feedback. V2 just launched today, and it’s just the beginning. We’ve got a huge list of features to add for v2.1, v2.2, and so on. Please keep the comments coming.