Jan 14, 2005

FTC Starts Enforcing CAN-SPAM

The FTC has started its battle against spammers, attacking some porn networks first. Particularly interesting is the fact that the spammers were working on behalf of someone else (affiliates). The FTC is going after the affiliates and the companies they were driving traffic to.

The action specifically targeted so-called affiliate marketing
practices, said Eileen Harrington, director of the FTC’s Marketing
Practices Division.  Companies that use unwanted e-mails to market
their firms frequently distance themselves from the practice by
sub-contracting the work, often many times over. But Harrington said
the CAN-SPAM Act, which took force last January, makes all firms that
engage in affiliate marketing liable for the actions of their

If you’re an affiliate sending email marketing, make sure your client is up to speed and compliant w/CAN-SPAM. Link to article on MSN…