Sep 1, 2009

Freemium Email Marketing from MailChimp

power-to-the-people-mailchimpI just read about this "freemium" approach to web startups. Basically, you build a cool app, make it free, build up a bunch of users, then find a way to "monetize" later. D’oh! Why didn’t anyone tell us about this when we started in 2001? We wasted all this time building a strong, profitable company with an awesome product and over 100,000 users, when we coulda been just giving it all away?  We’ve got to make up for lost time, people!

We’re proud to announce our "Forever Free" plan, where customers can signup with 500 subscribers and send up to 3,000 emails a month. Noooo, this is not a watered-down, 30-day "free trial" plan. This is a "forever free" plan, where you get full access to our amazing, head-sploding features (and even our world-famous power features) list, so long as your list is under 500 subscribers.

This is perfect for small businesses and e-retailers, artists, bands, bloggers, non-profits, churches, and anyone just getting started in email marketing.

If you know someone out there who could use a powerful email marketing tool, help spread the monkey love, will ya?