Mar 8, 2006

Free Guide: Understanding Email Campaign Reports

The other day, we got a call from a new MailChimp customer who had just finished sending her first-ever email marketing campaign. The call went something something like this:

Dan: Hi, this is Dan at MailChimp, how can I help you?
Customer: Yeah, I just sent my first email campaign, and I’m wondering where my reports are, and when I can come back and see if anybody clicked and opened.
Dan: Sure thing. Are you looking at the "Campaigns" screen right now?
Customer: Yep.
Dan: Okay, click the little stats icon to the right of your campaign, and you’ll be taken to your campaign report screen.

Oh, I see. You mean I can already start looking at them?


(screaming) HOLY $#@&^% I’m getting clicks! People are already opening my email!

Yes, you’ll always get these immediate opens and clicks, but you might wait a few days to really analyze your re—

COOL!!! More people just clicked!!! Oh my God, this is just awesome. Look at that!!! Another open!!!!

And that’s pretty much how the call went. It was hilarious. This is actually a really common phenomenon with new email marketers. Sending an email, then seeing people open and click is really fascinating. But we want to make sure that people truly understand their email reports, and what’s happening with their campaigns. That they always go back and experiment with their campaigns to improve response. That after every campaign, they not only look at their stats, but also listen to the cash register—did it go, "cha-ching?" And if it didn’t go "cha-ching," how can they tweak their next campaign?

So we put together this new (free) guide: "Cool. I’m getting clicks and opens! Um, now what?" (1M PDF). It helps new email marketers understand the basics of campaign reports, how to diagnose unhealthy campaigns, and what they can do to experiment and improve results.