Jun 20, 2008

Foxycart Email Marketing Plugin

foxycart.pngFoxycart has a MailChimp plugin now, so that you can add email marketing functionality to your e-commerce checkout process.

I really wish Foxycart was around back when we were a web design shop.  Seriously, there were sooooo many projects we did for clients that went perfectly fine—until it was time to hook up an e-commerce system (that’s about when project profitability usually started to plummet).

Foxycart has simplified the entire "e-commerce cart" concept, by turning it into a one-page thing that’s totally customizable.

If you’re a web designer who builds e-commerce sites for clients, you should definitely look into these guys, because:

  • Foxycart is by web developers, for web developers.
  • It’s completely customizable with CSS and HTML.
  • They’ve got advanced integration options with JSON and XML.
  • It’s built to integrate.
  • It’s not a CMS, so it’s easy to implement and you don’t have to learn a
    whole new system just to get a site up.

If you’re a programmer, and you’re interested in plugging MailChimp into your application (CMS, CRM, etc) take a look at the MailChimp API, or check out our growing list of plugins.