Aug 4, 2009

Formspring Integration with MailChimp

formspring-logoI really like Formspring. Not just because they sent us a cake today. But because they just announced a very slick integration with MailChimp (and we didn’t have to lift a finger—they did all the work, using our API).

Just in case you don’t already know, Formspring is a tool that makes it extremely easy to build an online form or survey to collect data. But these forms also come with power features, like self-calculating form fields, conditional logic, and smart-routing. The other nice thing is that Formspring, like MailChimp, also integrates with Freshbooks (see all our other integrations here), so that tracking your clients, collecting payments, and sending newsletters is all a piece of cake.

Sweet, sweet googly-moogly chocolate cake.

Here’s a video tutorial from Formspring:

* Note: their opt-in check box to confirm subscription is a really, really nice feature. Very well done.