Dec 29, 2008

Firm Sued Over Tradeshow List

Ken Magill reports that the firm Email Appenders is getting sued for allegedly selling an unauthorized list of attendees at an Internet Retailer tradeshow. The full story link is below, but here’s my fav quote so far, from the president of Email Appenders:

“We have the list because we sent one of our sale executives there,” he says. “Is there anything wrong with collecting business cards and selling the list?”

Um. Speechless.

Found via

I ran a search on "tradeshow lists" on the MailChimp blog to try to find old articles that talk about why they’re dangerous. The search tool almost exploded. Tradeshow lists are probably the most common reason we have to shut down accounts on MailChimp (they generate too many abuse complaints). Here’s a handful for you: