Nov 27, 2007

Find a MailChimp Expert

MailChimp has always catered to small and medium sized businesses (and their agencies) who want a simple, affordable way to get their email marketing done. People who just want an easy way to design an HTML email, send it to their list, and get some stats on their campaigns.

But In the last 3 months or so, we added a slew of new power features to MailChimp. These upgrades are attracting lots of larger companies.

Stuff like:

That’s nice. But because of all these new features, we kinda created a new problem.

New Problem:
Those big customers have been asking us for help getting their internal systems (CRMs, CMS, E-commerce carts, databases, etc) integrated with MailChimp. And since we’re a do-it-yourself product, we can’t help them with those services. 

Find a MailChimp Expert:
So we put together a list of MailChimp Experts. These are developers who know MailChimp, who use MailChimp, and who can help companies integrate with MailChimp. Some of them specialize in super nerdy stuff, like programming and databases and APIs (heck, some of them have actually helped contribute to our API). Some specialize in HTML email design and coding. Most are jacks of all trades and can handle anything. We’ve got experts from Australia, Austria, the UK, and USA on the list (and it’s growing everyday).

If you’re a freelancer, or run a web-dev shop and want to get listed (and you have a MailChimp account), we’d love to send some business your way. Go to , scroll to the bottom, and click the "get listed" link.