Dec 4, 2008

FeedBurner RSS-to-Email Hack

Douglas Karr at The Marketing Technology Blog has been using MailChimp’s RSS-to-Email feature in combination with FeedBurner to send out his email newsletter with ads included.  Doug was gracious enough to share his hack with me, and now I’m passing it along to our readers.

Step 1. Sign up for Adsense for Feeds through Google Adsense. (Doug notes that in his case, this required him to work directly with Google to move his feed’s address and convert his account.)

Step 2. Set up a new list in MailChimp for your FeedBurner subscribers.

Step 3. Export your email list out of your FeedBurner account and import these into the "FeedBurner subscribers" list you set up in MailChimp.

Step 4. Create a new RSS-to-Email Campaign in MailChimp using the FeedBurner feed address rather than your blog’s regular RSS feed address.

Step 5. Design your email and then select the "FeedBurner subscribers" list as the one you want to send to.

Essentially, this pushes the feed, with ads, directly into your MailChimp email.  It looks great and has relevant advertising!

My email list continues to grow – much better than it did with the plain ol’ FeedBurner email.  I don’t make a fortune off of the ads since I have less than one-hundred subscribers – but it’s a few bucks a month that I wouldn’t have had before!

Even without a gigantic list of subscribers, this is one way you can start monetizing your RSS-to-Email campaigns with very little effort.  Thanks again to Doug for the great tip!