Sep 2, 2015

Featured Integrations: September 2015

When I applied to work at MailChimp years ago, I included my experience in a touring band because I thought it made me sound well-traveled or cultured or something. Turns out, that background has come in handy. Because I know that being in a band doesn’t always involve glamorous jet setting all over the world—especially not at first. It takes hard work, long hours, and a never-ending desire to see how little sleep a human body can get while still functioning. And I know that all these resource restraints mean that bands need to be able to use simple tools to help them build and engage their audience.

So this month’s integrations roundup is for all you road dogs out there. We’re featuring tools to help you connect your audience back to your MailChimp account in creative but effective ways.

CASH Music


CASH Music is an open source, nonprofit platform run by a gal with a punk rock pedigree and a guy who shares a last name with a Latverian supervillain. Designed to help musicians build their audience, CASH offers the ability to manage digital downloads, set up a members area for exclusive content, and integrate smoothly with MailChimp for collecting email addresses in exchange for digital downloads. No programming skills are required, and it’s free to set up your own subdomain right on the CASH site.

Connect with CASH Music


If you’re a musician using MailChimp and Soundcloud, makes it simple to offer a digital download in exchange for an email signup. Once you’ve authorized your Soundcloud and MailChimp accounts to connect with Unlock, they’ll create a signup form for you, complete with your album art and an embeddable HTML snippet that you can add to your site. To get access to Unlock’s MailChimp integration, you’ll need to be a monthly Unlock member.

Connect with Unlock

Easy Digital Downloads


If you use WordPress to build your website and online store, check this one out. Easy Digital Downloads’ MailChimp plugin prompts purchasers to opt in to your MailChimp email list during the checkout process. One of the coolest parts about this plugin is that it also uses MailChimp’s e-commerce API features to send that purchase data back to your list. This means you can use MailChimp’s powerful segmenting features to send to a segment of people who downloaded the song.

Connect with Easy Digital Downloads

MailChimp Subscribe


By now it’s a standard merch table feature: the tattered notebook collecting addresses for a band’s email list. But dark venues and beer and general rock ‘n’ roll excitement don’t exactly lend themselves to legible penmanship. So it’s time for an upgrade: If you’ve got a tablet, try MailChimp Subscribe. We recently completely revamped and rebranded this app that lets you easily collect new email subscribers at your gigs, segment by signup location, and more. Try offering up some stickers or a discount for anyone who signs up. MailChimp Subscribe is available for iOS and Android tablets.

Connect with MailChimp Subscribe

Additional resources

Whether you’re a musician who’s just getting started with MailChimp, an established band using one of MailChimp’s features to deliver new music to your audience, or a record label sharing updates about your roster of artists, MailChimp has you covered.

Have you had success using MailChimp for your music project? Do you have a new integration that you’d like to see included in the Integrations Directory—our growing collection of more than 800 tools that help you connect MailChimp with the tools, services, and applications that you use every day? We’d love to hear your story.