Oct 6, 2015

Featured Integrations: October 2015

The holidays are approaching quickly, and if you’re in the e-commerce or retail industry, that means your life is about to be super busy. (And let’s be real: it probably is already.) To help you survive prepare, through the end of the year, we’ll be featuring integrations that will help online sellers like you to grow your lists, sell more, and better target your ideal customers. This month, we’re easing in with a look at integrations for businesses of all stages and sizes.



If you’re a small business, you may not have the resources to build a big, professional-grade landing page for your site. But you do have Instapage, which offers a variety of top-notch landing page templates that connect with MailChimp and help you easily collect new subscribers. All you need is a MailChimp API key and a free Instapage account to get started. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, you can even use the Instapage integration in combination with our automation workflows to kick off a welcome campaign for your new customers.

Connect to Instapage

Twitter Tailored Audiences


If you have a Twitter Ads account and are connected with MailChimp’s built-in Twitter integration, Twitter Tailored Audiences is a great way to reach a specific segment of your audience through a new medium. Let’s say you’re a business trying to build up interest in your online holiday sales. With MailChimp’s segmenting options, you can filter your subscribers based on who your best customers are, then send that segment to Twitter. Now, when you set your promoted tweet budget in Twitter’s Ads dashboard, you can be sure that they’re going to the right people, and driving more business back to your site while reducing irrelevance.

Connect to Twitter Tailored Audiences

Fresh Relevance


Fresh Relevance’s marketing automation features allow you to send product recommendations, abandoned shopping cart emails, and more. Their suite of tools is great for medium-sized, e-commerce businesses on a variety of platforms. Oh, and you can build complex, hierarchical business rules for displaying conditional content and see at how well your emails are doing with their built-in analytics dashboard. Bonus: they also integrate with Mandrill.

Connect to Fresh Relevance

WooCommerce Newsletter


If you’re an online seller who uses WordPress, you’re probably familiar with WooCommerce. Now, with WooCommerce’s Newsletter integration, you can automatically sync new purchasers over to your MailChimp list. WooCommerce uses our eCommerce360 API to sync over purchase data, too. With that info, you can kick off automation workflows or segment your list to find your subscribers who have purchased specific items. With the changes we made to automation workflows last month, you can even do both at the same time. For instance, you could kick off a "related products" automation workflow to complement the initial purchase. If a subscriber makes a follow-up purchase, you can segment them out so they stop getting those follow-up emails. Woo, indeed!

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