Nov 3, 2015

Featured Integrations: November 2015

It’s November, and we’re scurrying around making sure everything is ready for the upcoming holiday rush. In the spirit of the impending season, I want to show off some tools that’ll help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts over the next few weeks. Whether you’re looking to do some automation or aiming to grow your list, these integrations will help you have the best holidays ever.

Vextras Messaging Workflows


Online selling suite Vextras has a history of building some really solid integrations for MailChimp and Mandrill. You may remember their previous apps, Postmaster and Boomerang. Now they’ve totally re-engineered those apps from scratch and reorganized them into a single platform. The new integration connects with Volusion, Bigcommerce, and 3D Cart right out of the box, with more platforms to come. Vextras has beefed up a lot of the follow-up email options with complex logic, so now you can send specific abandoned cart emails, cross-promote your other products based on customer purchases, and even track customer loyalty based on order history.

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If you’re a retailer, you’re probably counting down the days to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you want to take your customers along for the ride and build up some suspense before the big day(s), MotionMail makes it easy to embed a dynamic countdown timer right in your email. They offer free and paid plans, and you can pick from a number of predesigned fonts and customize the color scheme to make it fit with your brand’s style. Hurry up, the clock is ticking.

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Magento is among the most popular e-commerce platforms for MailChimp users. Its flexibility makes it a no-brainer for anyone who likes to tinker and customize. And you can do even more with Magemonkey, our Magento extension, made by the folks at ebizmarts. It lets you sync over purchase data as subscribers check out through your Magento store, which gives you extra ways to segment your list in MailChimp or kick off an automation workflow as a follow-up. If you’re a Mandrill user, there’s an added abandoned cart feature that lets you track when someone doesn’t complete the checkout process.

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40 Nuggets


A few months ago, we showed off how you can make a non-annoying popup form for your website. With 40 Nuggets, you can make those non-annoying forms pretty darn smart, too. Set up triggered behavioral rules for displaying your signup form (or other content) to help get the right people at the right time. One of their coolest features is a custom form builder which lets you upload an image of the form you want to use and then map fields over the top of it. Time to get poppin’.

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