Mar 3, 2016

Featured Integrations: March 2016

This month’s featured integrations can be used in tandem to help you work more efficiently. And when your business works more efficiently, that gives you more time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather that’s on the horizon. It’s on the horizon, right? Gulp. Let’s take a look at 4 integrations that will help your business thrive—no matter the temperature.

MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite


If you’re planning events for the upcoming spring and summer months, MailChimp Sync is a great way to stay organized and keep all of your attendees up to date. Sync lets you push attendee contact information and purchase history data from Eventbrite to MailChimp, so you can easily segment and send to folks who have RSVP’d or purchased tickets to your event. For advanced e-commerce users, you can even create an automation workflow that’s triggered when someone purchases an Eventbrite ticket, and then effortlessly send them updates in advance of the show.

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LeadPages is a powerful landing page generator that offers a variety of templates and unique features, including the ability to turn a 404 error page into an opportunity to convert your e-commerce store‘s visitors into customers. It integrates with a number of other platforms, like GoToMeeting, and even allows users to create landing pages for their Facebook pages. Best of all, LeadPages has built-in A/B testing so users can see which pages are converting the most site visitors into customers, just like they would with their MailChimp A/B testing campaigns.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.46.17 AM

NiftyImages is a helpful program that allows users to generate unique countdown timers (Hey, remember that event you’re planning?) or personalized images using MailChimp’s merge tags. You can even use a combination of the 2 features to help create a personalized sense of urgency for flash sales, new product release dates, and more. They offer white-labeling solutions for agencies to use with their clients, and they provide in-app analytics to show users just how well their images or countdown timers are performing.

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Solve CRM


Solve CRM is a longtime MailChimp integrator that was recently named a Premier Partner of the Google for Work program. Their CRM solution allows users to pass contact or customer data into MailChimp without manually exporting and importing each time. When a contact is copied to MailChimp, Solve automatically tracks which campaigns have been sent to that person and how they’ve engaged with each email, even if they’re a member of multiple lists. This can be great for understanding which clients have received which emails about new products or services. Best of all, their project blog feature makes it easy for teams across several different companies or organizations to collaborate on projects without increasing the number of users in an account or granting access to a company’s entire CRM.

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