Jul 9, 2015

Featured Integrations: July 2015

We have 800 integrations in our directory, which is awesome—but it can also be overwhelming if you’re just getting started with integrations. There’s so much fantastic stuff there that it’s easy to overlook some very powerful tools. So each month, we like to show off a few great integrations on the directory’s front page. We pick them based on how thorough their documentation is, how easy they are to use, and how much value they add for MailChimp users. These integrations have been built by trusted developers and tested by us. This month, we’re featuring some new additions as well as an updated classic. Let’s take a look.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Do you love to crunch numbers and find patterns? Do graphs of all shapes and sizes make you giddy? Well, it may be time to add Power BI to your marketing repertoire. With its easy-to-use interface, you can load in all of your MailChimp data and start answering questions about your email campaigns: Which days are most effective for sending? Which list is most engaged? Are your campaigns making an impact overseas? You’ll learn all this and more. Connect with Power BI.



ProsperWorks is a CRM for Google Apps users. Connect your Google Apps account, and ProsperWorks turns that data into contact and lead management. You can see your latest conversations and track sales goals all from your Google account. With our integration, you can sync large groups of your contacts or find members who meet specific criteria. ProsperWorks helps you make sure you’re sending the right content to the right folks by letting you decide who’s on your list with just a few clicks. Connect with ProsperWorks.

Gleam Capture



Growing your list the right way can be difficult. Gleam gives you powerful tools to create behavior-based popups so that you can find and convert specific visitors to your site. Their templates make it easy to create a signup form to match your site’s tone and style while syncing those new subscribers back to MailChimp. Connect with Gleam Capture.

MailChimp Drupal Module by ThinkShout


When we went to DrupalCon LA earlier this year, we answered some questions, met a whole bunch of rad folks, and got to show off our new module put together by the gang at ThinkShout. As part of the update for the module, it’s now compatible with Drupal 8. ThinkShout has tons of experience in the Drupal market and we’re thrilled to have a module for the latest version. This module lets you sync Drupal users over as MailChimp subscribers, view reports, and even build and send campaigns right from the Drupal interface. Connect with MailChimp Drupal Module.

Now, it’s your turn.

All of the integrations listed in our directory were built using MailChimp’s open API. We just released version 3.0, and we’re excited to see what kinds of new integrations happen as a result. Have you built something that connects MailChimp and another service? We’d love to get it listed in our directory. Sign up for a developer account and add your app today.