Jan 12, 2016

Featured Integrations: January 2016

Welcome to the new year! This month’s featured integrations are designed to help e-commerce users sell more, track orders, and sync their data back to MailChimp. And they’re perfect for getting your small business on track for 2016. Let’s take a look.



X-Cart is an open source PHP platform that offers both a hosted and DIY solution for your e-commerce needs. Way back in the day, X-Cart was an early adopter of our eCommerce360 API, and one of the first e-commerce platforms to integrate with MailChimp. With their MailChimp add-on, you can sync over customers who opt-in to a specific list (or lists) in your MailChimp account upon purchase. Along with the list subscription, their purchase activity is also sent over, so you can segment, trigger automation workflows, or send follow-up product recommendations.

Connect with X-Cart



Now that the holiday insanity rush has died down, it’s time to get the books in order. Quotient is a quoting system that integrates with CRMs, accounting software, and MailChimp. As customers are quoted, the corresponding data is passed back to MailChimp to help keep all of your contacts in one convenient location. Once you’ve connected with Quotient, it will backfill your MailChimp list with all of your previous contacts. As new contacts are sent quotes, they’ll automatically be synced over to keep everything up to date.

Connect with Quotient



If you find yourself in need of a new syncing solution in 2016, PieSync is a great option. PieSync’s pre-built connections allow for a true two-way sync between a variety of different solutions (with even more on the horizon), making it easy to automatically sync new contacts from your CRM to a MailChimp list and vice versa. And, if you ever run into a conflict about which data is "more correct," PieSync will let you pick which service (MailChimp or your CRM) should be the master record.

Connect with PieSync



Some of the most popular integrations we’ve featured have to do with targeting your MailChimp audience on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. AdRoll not only offers a similar functionality, but also extends that ability to the web at large. By importing your MailChimp list, AdRoll will match customers and potential customers based on cookie data they have in their own network and the email addresses that are stored in MailChimp. As a result, you’ll be able to display specific, targeted ads to your MailChimp subscribers wherever AdRoll ads are used.

Connect with AdRoll