Feb 1, 2016

Featured Integrations: February 2016

Everyone on MailChimp’s integrations team has one thing in common—we all got our start on the support team. And when users contacted us in search of integrations with Platform X or Product Z and we knew that there wasn’t an in-house solution available, we’d typically direct them to Zapier. The ease of use and ridiculously large collections of connectable applications can’t be beat. We even use Zapier internally to email our team reports. This month, Zapier released an even more powerful version, allowing users to have Multi-Step Zaps, expanding upon their previous 1-to-1 Zap integrations. Connecting your CRM, CMS, or billing service to MailChimp is now easier and better than ever through Zapier. Here are a few examples:

Stripe to MailChimp to Pipedrive Zap


We’ve talked about some paid-newsletter management integrations before, but with Zapier and Stripe, the process is super simple. When a Stripe event is triggered, Zapier can automatically subscribe/unsubscribe folks from a list within your MailChimp account. If you set up recurring billing through Stripe, you won’t ever have to worry about extra segmenting steps to figure out who’s up to date with their payments. With a Multi-Step Zap, you could even take this a step further by adding your new customer to a CRM, like Pipedrive, so all of your contacts are kept up to date.

Along with Multi-Step Zaps, Zapier is also introducing Search Actions. Search Actions give you the ability to find or create subscribers based on trigger information. In this case, you could use a MailChimp Search Action to find out if the email address you receive from the Stripe event is already subscribed to your list. If the address is already on your list, you can update their subscriber profile with their name or other additional details you receive. Or, if it’s not, you can easily add them so they can start receiving your newsletters.

Connect with Zapier and Stripe

Typeform to Box to MailChimp Zap



MailChimp offers a built-in form builder, but sometimes you need additional customization in order to seamlessly fit a signup form onto your site. Zapier connects with a number of different options, including Typeform, to automatically add new signups to a MailChimp list. With Zapier’s Multi-Step Zaps, you could use a service like Box to keep a backup of all of your subscriber data or store submitted files and add new subscribers to your MailChimp list all in one go.

Connect with Zapier and Typeform

MailChimp to Evernote Zap



Zapier can do more than contact management for MailChimp users, too. Let’s say you’re using Evernote to keep track of all of your marketing activity. With a single Multi-Step Zap, you can create a new Evernote notebook each time you send a new MailChimp campaign, add as many notes as you need, and set up a folder on Box with a matching name. Then, you could add a Zap triggered by Twitter mentions in order to collect reaction tweets and append the text to your notes, drop screenshots and other files into your folder as needed, or just generally collaborate with your team and discuss strategies for future campaigns.

Connect with Zapier and Evernote

MailChimp to MailChimp Zap



Some users have a multi-list setup in their account, and they often ask us how they can automatically unsubscribe someone from List A when that person subscribes to List B. Zapier can handle the heavy lifting for you. You’ll just need to connect your MailChimp account, pick your lists, and Zapier’s pre-built MailChimp integration can handle the rest. And, with the new Multi-Step Zap option, you can even add a single subscriber to multiple lists and remove them from others, all at once.

Connect with Zapier and MailChimp

Don’t see the service or platform you’re currently using? Check out Zapier’s Zapbook for a sample of the services you can connect to, or build your own Multi-Step Zaps.