Dec 9, 2015

Featured Integrations: December 2015

You know that thing Ned Stark warned us about? It’s here. We’re in the full swing of the holiday season, and things have been rather eventful around here. Since we know you’re on a time crunch, we’ll get right down to it. This month, we’re featuring integrations that will help you target your existing MailChimp audience, so you can make sure you’re saying the right things to the right folks.

Facebook Custom Audiences


In the past, we’ve talked about how we use Facebook Custom Audiences internally to help us connect with our customers, but you don’t have to be a marketing savant to use Facebook to get the word out. Using their step-by-step wizard, you can easily connect your MailChimp account and select the list that you’d like to target with ads on Facebook. Or, if you want to get really specific, you can even create a segment of your list in MailChimp and export that segment as a CSV to use with Facebook Custom Audiences. You could, for instance, build a segment targeting folks who have purchased a specific product, and then use Facebook Custom Audiences to promote other products or services that might also be of interest to those particular customers.

Connect with Facebook Custom Audiences

MailChimp for Shopify


Speaking of purchasing, whether you’re already a Shopify user or you’re scrambling to launch your store just in time for the holiday rush, MailChimp for Shopify can help keep your e-commerce customers and email marketing in sync. When a new customer makes a purchase from your Shopify store, they’ll automatically be synced to your MailChimp list so you can follow-up with them using our automation features. We’ll also sync over e-commerce data so you can segment your list by purchase history—or lack thereof. Want to find folks who bought a new grill from your store but haven’t signed up for classes to learn how to use the thing? We’ve got you covered, and you’ve got an easy stocking stuffer option to suggest to your customers.

Connect with MailChimp for Shopify

MailChimp Snap


If you’re a small business, this time of year doesn’t offer a lot of bandwidth in terms of free time. With Snap, you can send quick email updates to your subscribers. Simply connect your Instagram account or take a picture of the new item you want to showcase, pick one of our existing templates, and add your content all from your phone. Snap is available for both iOS and Android.

Connect with MailChimp Snap

MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite


The holiday season is also the special events and gatherings season. If you’re planning a company party, a sponsored event, or even just a small get-together at your house, Eventbrite can help you manage invitations and track who’s coming. With Evenbrite Sync, you can build the event in Eventbrite and then create a custom MailChimp campaign to send to your invitees. Your link to RSVP will show up in your newly created campaign’s "Comments" section, allowing you to add it to a call-to-action button or track who all is clicking (or not clicking) to RSVP. Selling tickets to your event? No worries—the ticket purchase data will be synced over as e-commerce fields in MailChimp as well!

Connect with MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite