Aug 4, 2015

Featured Integrations: August 2015

Most small businesses aren’t made of money, and nonprofit organizations definitely aren’t. So when you make the decision to spend your hard-earned dollars, you want to be sure you’re getting quality in return. This month, we’re featuring integrations that can add some extra value to the email marketing of all sorts of organizations. If you’re trying to do a lot with a little, these integrations can help you do even more.



Kindful is an all-in-one nonprofit platform. It acts as a CRM, helps you accept and track donations, and integrates with some really powerful tools. With Kindful’s MailChimp integration, you can build a segment of your top donors, sync it over to MailChimp, and then send a relevant, targeted campaign to those specific subscribers. Kindful also keeps track of which of your contacts and MailChimp subscribers are opening your campaigns.

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We’ve written about before—it’s a really powerful tool that can help you identify your most influential subscribers. With, you can import your MailChimp list, automatically match up their social profiles based on email address, and then start looking for keywords and trends. will surface people who are chatting, tweeting, or posting to Instagram using specific hashtags or mentioning specific ideas. You can then send these subscribers back to a MailChimp list or export them as a .CSV file and add them to a static segment. works best with lists of more than 25,000 subscribers, as it allows them a larger pool to identify emerging trends across a variety of social networks. If you’re a nonprofit looking to gain some insight into the current interests of your subscribers so you can engage them on their terms, may be a fit for you.

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Philantro was developed to provide nonprofits with a better way to accept donations, giving them the opportunity to see and grow the reach of their audience. Philantro offers an incredibly deep integration with MailChimp: You can segment your lists to target specific donors, create templates, create campaigns (with their own built-in campaign builder, no less), and measure your campaign’s engagement all from their built-in dashboard. If you want to get super nerdy, Philantro really pushes the edges of MailChimp’s API functionality, and we think that’s rad.

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EA Pro Reporting


While Email Aptitude (EA) Pro Reporting isn’t specifically for nonprofits, it’s a powerful tool that can help give those organizations a better idea of how their campaigns are performing. With Pro Reporting, you can easily compare individual campaigns side-by-side or get an aggregate overview based on a range of dates for campaigns. You can even tag your campaigns and compare categories against each other to see how your emails are doing.

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Have we missed anything?

Are you a nonprofit using an effective integration? We’d love to hear about it. Drop us a line in the comments section. We’re always looking to add more to our Integrations Directory. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure to take a look at our MailChimp for Nonprofits guide.