Jun 17, 2009

Facebook Vanity URLs


In case you missed it, last Saturday at 12:01 AM EST Facebook gave both individuals and fan pages the ability to register their own vanity URLs. The main reason this is awesome is that it allows you to market your Facebook page much more easily. Instead of a long string of letters and numbers, you now have the benefit of something short and tidy. Like facebook.com/mailchimp. During the recent NBA Finals, for example, I noticed brands like Vitamin Water promoting their fan page URLs instead of their main company website in their commercials. And this type of cross promotion is definitely working! Vitamin Water currently boasts over 500,000 Facebook fans.

There are some caveats to note about getting a vanity URL for your fan page right now. Unfortunately, if you have fewer than 1,000 fans you’ll have to wait until June 28, 2009 to secure your vanity URL. In an effort to mitigate copyright issues and naming rights, you will have the opportunity to report that someone is infringing on your intellectual property rights by filling out this form. This may not be entirely helpful if you’re an admin without a registered or trademarked name that you can protect though.

Have you claimed your own small piece of social media realestate yet? Be sure you do– Facebook was reporting that nearly 6,000,000 custom usernames had been claimed as of Monday 6/15. After that, be sure to stop by and connect with MailChimp on Facebook at facebook.com/mailchimp.