Oct 15, 2010

Facebook Comments Get Voting, Threading

imgFacebookFacebook has made a change to their comments plugin, and users can now agree or disagree with something with a simple up or down vote. (Yes, you can now openly express your disagreement and this may be the closest we get to an official "dislike" button.) In addition, they’re also giving more information about commenters including the network that the user belongs to (their location or employer), as well as the percentage of likes a particular comment gets. Arguably though, the biggest and most exciting of the new features is threaded comments. This means you can reply directly to specific comments and create sub-threads in a discussion.

If you recall, in MailChimp v5.3 we added the ability to include Facebook comments in your MailChimp campaign so that you can keep the conversation going with your subscribers after you hit the send button.

And when your subscribers comment on your email, they have the option to post a link to their comment to their wall– a great way to help socially spread the word about your campaign.

For now it looks like the updated commenting system is only available on Facebook and not third-party sites, but I’d expect that to change sometime in the future. As is generally the case with Facebook, there isn’t a timetable as to when it might happen. Rest assured though that the MailChimp/Facebook comments integration will be upgraded as to reflect these improvements as soon as they’re available.