May 31, 2006

Eye tracking study at Squidoo

I’ve seen my share of eye-tracking studies before. Usually, they’re some kind of "heat map" that lets you see where people spend most of their time on a page. They’re kinda neat, for the first minute or two.

But Seth Godin just posted this eye-tracking movie for his Squidoo website. This is actually fun to watch, because you can see the little blue dot dancing around on the screen all crazy—like the users were hopped up on caffeine.

I just wish that he posted whether or not the users were given some kind of goal, or if they were told to  casually browse around the site.

I learned two things watching this: 1) People are just begging to be shown where to look and click (so make your links prominent, and make your buttons look like buttons!) and 2) Those guys need a mouse with a scrolly wheel. For God’s sake, look how long they take to find the scroll bar and drag it up and down. Precious milli-seconds wasted!

Good stuff if you’re designing lots of landing pages for your email campaigns to point to.

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