Jun 18, 2014

Exploring Subscriber Profiles in MailChimp Mobile

Let’s say you’ve got MailChimp Mobile open and you’re looking through your new subscribers, feeling pretty good about your list growth, when you spot a particularly interesting email address. Naturally, you want to visit the subscriber’s website, see what they’re all about. I’ve done this before: I try to remember the domain name, get ready to plug it into Safari, and then inevitably either get distracted by something on my phone or just straight up forget the domain name—you know how it goes. The struggle is real.

In our most recent MailChimp Mobile update, we’ve changed that by expanding the actions you can perform on a subscriber’s email address. Just tap the envelope icon and you can email the person, copy their email address to your clipboard (handy for searching in other apps), and—my personal favorite—visit their website directly from their profile.

Subscriber Profile

Tap the envelope icon next to the email address on any subscriber profile…

Email Actions

…then email the subscriber, copy their email address to your clipboard, or visit their website.

Merge fields containing addresses or phone numbers are also interactive. Address fields display a small interactive map, and phone fields are tappable to call or text the subscriber.

Map Thumbnail

These profile features are also available in MailChimp Mobile for Android:

Android Email Actions


We’re always looking for ways to save you a little time or make your workflow simpler, and we think these new features do just that. We’d also love to hear how you’re using subscriber profiles to learn more about your customers.