Mar 5, 2010

ESP CEOs can’t dance

So I noticed this weird bear tweeting a message at us:


and he was tweeting at @chrisbrogan and other ESPs (@emmaemail) too, so it seemed like he was trying to be mysterious and get attention or something. Also, "bear in a bar" is obviously a joke-intro, and competitors have been known to make jokes about our mascot (I believe we’ve been called "Mail-Wookie" once), so I decided to take the bait.

I am so glad I did…

I’m not sure if this was a ConstantContact sanctioned "viral" campaign (in which case: mission accomplished), some internal morale-booster, or just a really, really inspired employee.

The trail really isn’t all that difficult to trace, which means they didn’t try hard to hide anything, so it’s hard to say. Either way, it’s great to see another ESP out there having some fun.

Oh, back to the bear.

Follow the path to the pot o’ gold at the end, my friends…


The sad thing about all this?

In that video at the end, Gail is obviously goofing around, but in this video, I’m actually trying.